What Makes Cellular Solutions Products Incomparable…

Ingredients are  “Farm to Pill” when available.

  • The patented Cellular Communication Complex is derived from a Myceliated mushroom technology to increase nutrient bioavailability directly into the cell.
  • Herbal non-histamine fermentation technology increases nutrient bioavailability through the gut.
  • Patented whole protein chelate increases bioavailability.
  • 100% Regenerative Grass-fed glandular sourced from our ranch in active doses targets specific cells, organs, and glands. (1/90 Regenerative Soil Projects in the World)
These products are based on Dr. Pompa’s 5R concept.
Core Cellular Detox Support
  • Membrane R2: Regenerates Cell Membrane Function and Integrity
  • Mito-Methylator R3/R5: Restores Cell Energy and Re-Establishes Methylation
  • Inflam R4: Supports a Healthy Inflammation Response

Core Downstream Detox Support
  • Drainage Enhancer: Supports the liver, kidneys, and a healthy lymphatic system
  • Gut Enhancer: Repairs leaky gut and encourages a diverse microbiome
Core Cellular Detox
  • Cell CLR: Supports cellular detox pathways
  • Gut CLR: Clears toxins from the gut to prevent reabsorption
  • Brain CLR: Supports a clear brain

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Gut CLR™

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Brain CLR™

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Cell CLR™

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Inflam R4™

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Mito-Methylator R3/R5™

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Membrane R2™

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Drainage Enhancer™

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Gut Enhancer™

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Our Core Cellular Solution 

Core Prep Phase 1

Core Body Phase 2

Core Brain Phase 3

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